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Naturally Hot Sleepers in New Zealand

Whether it’s due to menopause or being naturally hot sleepers, when your sleep is being disrupted because you’re too hot at night, we have the solution. Our unique range of cooling pads and bed accessories help you sleep at a comfortable temperature all year-round.

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Cooling Pads

Do you wake up too hot at night? Our thermostat-controlled Cooling Pads naturally lower your body temperature so you can fall asleep and stay cool all night.

How it Works

Get your best night’s sleep with the latest in bed cooling technology. Controlled by a thermostat that allows you to set your ideal temperature, a cooling effect is delivered through water-filled silicone tubes.

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About Us

Hot Sleepers are 100% family-owned and since 1970 we’ve helped customers improve their lives with medical beds and furniture. A division of Sleep Systems, we’re proud to manufacture and sell the only solution for people who sweat at night.

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